Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting

O/O Brewing x Ivan’s Pilsnerbar
Brewery Tour & Beer Tasting

We are teaming up with our dear friends at Ivan’s Pilsnerbar to finally bring to you Brewery Tours and Beer Tastings!

Ivan and Rasmus are old friends and fellow beer professionals who worked with us in the past and know our beers very well. They are also very familiar with brewing, beside having a very broad knowledge of everything else beer and beer related.

The day starts at the brewery on Exportgatan 35 with a brewery tour where one learns about the process of making beer, the ingredients, and gets a feel for the everyday brewery life.Then we organise transport to Ivan’s, where you will be presented with all the knowledge of tasting beers, flavours, colours, histories and fun anecdotes. You will get 5 different beers with a wide span of styles to understand the diversity and complexity there is behind this often assumed as a simple beverage. The bar is very spacious and can accomodate very large amounts of people if needed, as well as offers different food options.

We can offer times after 17 Mon-Fri, or Saturday afternoons.

Minimum number of people is 10, write to 
to know about different packages, as well if you’d like dinner or simple snacks. The prices start at 599kr per person.