We make a wide range of beer varieties that we love and admire. We want our beers to bridge tradition and innovation where the focal point is a superb drinking experience.

All the label design and artworks are made by Lundgren+Lindqvist, if not otherwise stated.

Photography by Tina Umer.


IPA, 6.8%, 33cl

One of our most known beers, that celebrated its 5th birthday in 2020. Features Mosaic, Citra and Columbus hops.


IPA, 3.5%, 33cl

Low ABV variation of our classic.

50/50 Series

IPA, 6.5%, 44cl

A series of IPAs with the same malt base but different hop combinations, in two equal parts. Over the years we've made combinations like Citra/Mosaic, Mosaic/Simcoe, Simcoe/Ekuanot, Mosaic/Nelson Sauvin, Chinook/Citra, Motueka/Nelson Sauvin, Citra/Ekuanot, Amarillo/Simcoe and more. In 2023 we're returning to make the beers on a monthly basis.

Pivot Pils

4.6%, 33cl

New design by Alexander Palmestål.

Pivot Pils Folköl

3.5%, 44cl

Our first folköl.

New design by Alexander Palmestål.

Double Narangi

DIPA, 8%, 44cl

Made a bigger and stronger version of Narangi to celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2020. It has become a reoccurent brew since.

GBG Lager

Vienna Lager with Mosaic Hops, 5.5%, 33cl

The official beer of the Gothenburg Beer Week 2022.

Design by Alexander Palmestål.

Ekta Pils

5.2%, 33cl

Label artwork by Daniel Götesson aka EKTA.

Bangatan IPA

7%, 44cl

Label artwork by Carl Oliver Ander.

100 Series

IPA, 6.5%, 44cl

Same as 50/50, this is a series of beers done with the same malt base, but different single hops. For now we have made 100 Citra (yellow), 100 Mosaic (green), Idaho 7 (orange) and Amarillo (red).

Porter Porter

5.4%, 33cl

Label artwork by Carl Bjerkås.

Pretty Pale Ale

5.4%, 33cl

Baltic Porter

7.5%, 33cl

Label artwork by Karen Gunderson.

Anniversay Baltic Porter

Made yearly, 33cl

Nova IPA

6.5%, 44cl

Evergreen IPA

6%, 33cl

From 2020 the beer is Gluten Free.

Label artwork by Fredrik Åkum.

Ichor - Mosaic

DIPA, 8%, 44cl

Ichor - Citra

DIPA, 8%, 44cl

Carismatico DIPA

8.5%, 44cl

New design by Alexander Palmestål.


O/O & Stigbergets Bryggeri - Katten

DIPA, 8%, 44cl 

Label artwork by Mikael Dalnäs.

O/O & Omnipollo - Lucy

Helles, 5%, 44cl

Muscles DIPA

DIPA, 8%, 33cl 

Label artwork by Ana Benaroya.


Rye IPA, 6.7%, 44cl

Winter Warmer

Winter Warmer, 8%, 33cl

Label artwork by Lars Daniel Rehn.

Arctos Imperial Stout

Made yearly, 33cl.

Contains honey.

Arctos Imperal Stout 2019 Bourbon Barrel Aged

13,4%, 33cl

Contains honey.

Design by Alexander Palmestål.

Näktar DIPA

DIPA, 8.2%, 33cl

Made with orange blossom honey.


Saison, 5%, 33cl

In 2021 this beer became certified organic.

Label artwork by Alexander Palmestål.


Session IPA at 5% as well as a folköl version at 3.5%

New label design by Alexander Palmestål.

Bruks Bitter

Bitter, 4.6% and 3.5%

Design by Alexander Palmestål.

Citra Golden Ale

Golden Ale, 4.0% and 3.5%

Design by Alexander Palmestål.

Pacific Pils

Pilsner, 4.6%, 44cl

Design by Alexander Palmestål.

American Barley Wine

Barley Wine, 10%

Design by Alexander Palmestål.


IPA, 6.4%

Design by Alexander Palmestål.

Batch 100

BA Barley Wines


IPA, 6.7%, 44cl

A classic West coast IPA with Citra and Chinook.

Design by Alexander Palmestål.


West Coast Style DIPA, 8.2%, 33cl

Design by Alexander Palmestål.


Coffee Oatmeal Stout, 5.0%

Design by Alexander Palmestål.


Swarzbier, 5.2%, 44cl

Collaboration with Bad Seed Brewing.


Märzen, 5,5%

Design by Alexander Palmestål.

Long Boil Barley Wine 

Made every year in the autumn, 33cl

Long Boil Barley Wine 2019 Bourbon Barrel Aged

Barley Wine, 13,4%, 33cl

Design by Alexander Palmestål.

Hopback Summer Ale

Golden Ale, 4.2%